Improving our way of working

We find it important that we work with happy employees in a healthy and safe working environment. This includes the well-being of our people, sustainable management of buildings, increasing sustainability in relation to transport and logistics, and the focus on reducing waste.

Improve our work environment

The well-being of employees in the stores and at the head office is high on the agenda. Together we work towards a sustainable future and a healthy company. Employees of WE Fashion have the opportunity to grow and to develop further within the organization. The WE Academy has been established in 2015 to make this possible. WE Fashion would like everyone to be proud to work for the company.

In our stores and head offices we use relatively little water, energy and chemicals. Yet WE Fashion wants to take responsibility for the reduction of water, energy and chemicals in its activities and to reduce CO2 emissions. We also look critically at the waste that we produce. Less is always better, and a lot of waste can also be recycled.

WE Fashion has set three goals to achieve the above, the goals are again subdivided into different actions.

  • Invest in our employees
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce the Co2 footprint

Are you interested in reading more about what goals we have set and what we have achieved to improve our way of working? You can find our latest sustainability report on the Transparency page.

The WE Code of Ethics

WE Fashion likes doing business the right way; with integrity, responsibility and with high ethical standards. The focus is on the interests of consumers, suppliers and employees.

This vision on entrepreneurship contains values and standards that are summarized in the WE Code of Ethics; a statement that describes what these values and standards are. The Code of Ethics is a guideline for the standards of contact between WE Fashion and suppliers, employees and consumers.

The management of WE Fashion endorses the standards, values and rules of conduct as included in the Code of Ethics.

The document can be found on the Transparency page.

Involvement of employees

Because we think employee happiness, involvement and motivation are very important for the functioning of the company, the Human Resources department regularly conducts a survey among all employees to measure the actual state of mind. We encourage giving feedback to get better together and to develop the talents of all employees.

By knowing what motivates our employees and makes them move the extra mile, we can specifically address the needs. In this way we can adjust our procedures where necessary, so that we stay fit to the current needs of our employees.

Because the well-being of the employees is important to us, we organize support in this area throughout the organization. We prevent absence, and support vitality by encouraging managers to engage in active discussions with employees, to follow up and to take joint action.

We also look critically at ourselves as an employer and how we can create a healthy and safe environment for our employees. We do this through surveys in the workplace, by conducting and evaluating a risk assessment and by listening to the needs of our employees. We promote a healthy lifestyle by offering healthy lunches in our WE café and various sporting activities, such as Bootcamp and Yoga.

We use green energy

We use green electricity in all our stores and offices, except in one store in Switzerland. In addition, we are in transition for all buildings to green gas.

Furthermore, solar panels have been installed at our distribution center in the Netherlands, which generate solar energy for our head office and distribution center!

Paper and cardboard is FSC-Certified

WE Fashion uses FSC and PEFC certified paper and cardboard for the promotional material, printing paper, stationery and envelopes. In this way we contribute to a better environment, because the paper and cardboard comes from certified forests, which are managed with attention for people, nature and the environment.

Reduce waste

WE Fashion takes many steps to reduce waste. For example, the promotional banners from the stores are collected in our distribution center, and they are reused to make new products, such as bags.

In addition, we donate all textile waste that arises during the development of new styles, to sources that can either reuse for wearing or recycle the fabrics. For example, a large part of the still wearable clothing is sold during sample sales, many clothing with a small defect go to Salvation Army Reshare or Caritas, and with that we generate money for the WE Get Together Foundation. We also donate damaged clothing, old stock and even textile remnants. In the end more than 93% of the clothing is worn again, part is used as insulation material, part is fiberized for recycling and only about 7% ends up as waste.

The cardboard and plastic in which the clothing is delivered to WE Fashion is also collected for recycling. On an annual basis it concerns more than 450 tons of waste, which can be reused again.

Smart washing instructions

Consumers can do a lot to reduce the use of water and energy during washing and drying. If a garment is treated carefully, it also lasts longer. Washing, drying and ironing clothes is often an intensive process in which a lot of water, energy and washing powders are used.

In the care label you can read how a garment should be cleaned. In addition, we refer to the Clevercare website with the CLEVERCARE logo on the care label, where consumers get hints and tips on how they can keep clothing for longer, while at the same time saving on the use of water and energy.

  • WASHING: Do not wash your clothes more than is really necessary
  • TEMPERATURE: wash at a temperature of 30 ° C instead of 60 ° C, this could save up to 50% on energy
  • DRYING: Dry the laundry on the line instead of in the dryer
  • IRONING: If possible, do not iron, but hang up the laundry immediately after washing
  • CHEMICAL CLEANING: if dry cleaning is required, ask if the dry cleaner can use environmentally friendly solvents.

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